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Welcome to Lazareti ―
Where most beautiful encounters happen.

The settlement of Ploče to the east of the entrance into the historical nucleus, has in the past been a meeting-place of trade caravans and travellers from the Ottoman Empire. Lazareti are located in this settlement of Dubrovnik. It was built in 1377, as the first quarantine for isolation of travellers and goods coming from eastern countries, because of frequent epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases there.

Lazareti, with its eight preserved buildings and five courtyards, were restored from the sea side in 1623, to be able to accommodate larger ships. They had spacious warehouses for goods and livestock, and facilities for longer stays of merchants and travellers in isolation.

In the 17th century, the Lazareti in Dubrovnik were the largest merchant transit centre in the Adriatic and one of the best organized quarantines in the Mediterranean.

Today, the Lazareti comprise 10 naves and five terraces that are used for a variety of functions such as art, entertainment, trade, congresses, catering, fashion and other events of social interest, and have become a meeting venue not only for the citizens of Dubrovnik and the entire county, but also tourists whose number is growing every year.

The commercial function of the Lazareti is very important because that is how this valuable space is brought closer to those it is intended for – people. Various catering establishments with excellent food and beverage offerings are located on the Lazareti square, the space where fashion comes to the fore with designer furniture, as well as the pride of Dubrovnik the Linđo Folklore Ensemble, Art Workshop Lazareti, Deša regional centre for community building and civil society development, and Lero Student Theatre.

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